Let the snow fall not your rankings!

It’s no surprise that when the cooler months come most businesses drastically slow down if not stop their marketing efforts all together. Thinking that they will save on marketing costs in the long run but little do they know they are actually hurting their search engine rankings and helping their competition.

How Inbound Marketing Works:

Inbound marketing works by attracting your ideal traffic/ clientele to your website and your brand. Some inbound marketing strategies include social media marketing, blog and content marketing and all are central focused on keyword strategy. The goal of inbound marketing is to effectively “earn” not buy your potential customers. The main reason why an inbound marketing strategy is so important is because it costs so much less than traditional marketing does. Most traditional marketing strategies are typically ignored anyway … for instance, when was the last time you actually read an entire email blast from another company you have never even heard of?

45% of direct mail solicitations are never even opened!


Why will my rankings fall if I stop blogging?

Blog writing is one of the very best avenues you can take when it comes to Search Engine Optimization; weekly blog posts will boost your rankings and your organic position on the search engines for those key phrases that your ideal target audience will search for to find your services. Maintaining consistent blog posts throughout out the month will not only boost but maintain those high rankings. By stopping those blogging efforts your rankings will slowly start to fall, and your competition that continues their efforts will gain rankings ahead of you.

Google loves great content

The truth is that Google simply loves great content, but not just great, relevant! I mean if you are trying to position your company or brand for the key phrase of Home Insurance Company in Massachusetts … and you are blogging about free hats, Google simply will not position your blog in the rankings. The more content, the better, the more relevant the better, and remember to keep your posts as informational and the lest amount sales pushy as possible. The ultimate goal is for your ideal target customers to visit your site, and keep coming back, by providing them with industry specific information that they really want you are then able to position them for the next step …tell them to click to learn more, or call for more info.

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