Invoice Number INV-2614
Invoice Date April 2, 2020
Due Date April 2, 2020
Total Due $0.00
Phio Phramaceuticals Corp.
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Website Upgrade & Backup

Make a full back up of the site including:
All web site files on the server
The database in full
Upgrade to the latest WordPress version ensuring that the site design and functionality stays intact
Repairing of anything broken in the theme if needed after upgrade
Updating of all plugins to the latest version
Secondary complete back up of web site after upgrade including:
All web site files on the server
The upgraded database in full

1 Mobile Enhancements

1. the footer on home page can use some work on mobile (link specifically and how they layout, takes up a lot of space)
2. The main navigation links on mobile are good on the home page but on the inner pages the mobile link hamburger does not display properly (you have scroll down a bit first) - Main navigation for mobile had to be redeveloped -
3. The inner pages have too much spacing above and below the banner view

Sub Total $500.00
Tax $0.00
Paid -$500.00
Total Due $0.00