Invoice Number INV-2621
Invoice Date April 21, 2020
Due Date May 31, 2020
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The Veron Company

112 Forest Street
Marlborough MA 01752
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2 Addition of new pages

Nature’s Woodland Page
Recycling Page (with two stock photos and with graphic image from dumpster rentals page linking out to recycling page)

1 Addition / changes of content

Addition of covid-19 message update on home page
Updating of pricing and call to action on Dumpster rentals page
Addition of new content for Design Process page

2 Graphic Ad Design

Graphic ad design for fertilization ($50)
Graphic Ad design for perimeter pest control ($50)

6 Addition of Pages for Tree Services

Tree Services (main Page with photo links to sub pages)
Historical Tree Preservation
Structuring and Bracing
Pruning and Trimming
Storm Damage Services
Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Sub Total $295.00
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Paid -$295.00
Total Due $0.00