Invoice Number INV-2849-1
Invoice Date November 8, 2021
Due Date November 8, 2021
Total Due $1,000.00
Revolution Health
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1 Invoice: 2849 Website Development & Logo Design

Custom Web Site Design: Design shall utilize a Wordpress Theme as a foundation for the site layout and mobile responsive functionality. Web Development With CMS:
o Development of designed site integrated into a content management system.
o Creation of all pages according to site map
o Integration of content (provided by client, writing of up to 3 pages is included)
• Easy to use navigation system.
• Formatting of all images used on your site.
• Inclusion of email links on any page you wish.
• Addition of Social Media links from
• Mobile Development
• Complete optimization of the website
• Custom Logo Design

Sub Total $2,000.00
Tax $0.00
Paid -$1,000.00
Total Due $1,000.00