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Invoice Number INV-2922-1
Invoice Date March 10, 2022
Due Date March 10, 2022
Total Due $1,250.00
Insation Technologies

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1 Invoice: 2922 Website Development

Custom Web Site Design: Custom web design with creative direction of client. Design shall utilize a Wordpress Theme as a foundation for the site layout and mobile responsive functionality.
Web Development With CMS: We propose the use of “Word Press” content management system for its ease of administrative use and level of customization allowed for a fully custom integrated design.
o Development of designed site integrated into a content management system.
o Creation of all pages according to site map up to 15 pages
o Integration of content (provided by client, content writing is an additional fee)
• Easy to use navigation system (links to and from every page site wide).
• Formatting of all images used on your site.
• Inclusion of email links on any page you wish.
• Addition of Social Media account links from site out to social media accounts
• Complete optimization of the web site to include:
• unique meta title added to each page
• unique meta description added to each page
• Keyword research and unique meta keywords added to each page
• Submission of site for consideration of addition to directory of Google
• Addition of site to Google Webmaster Tools
• Addition of Google Analytics (or other stat tracker)
• Creation of XML site map
CMS shall provide the ability to:
• Add new pages / content /images / videos (within content areas).
• The addition/editing of a page within your admin shall allow you to choose between 1, 2 and 3 column layouts.
• Edit content of web site (i.e. text on pages).
• Edit and add images on the web site (limited to content areas only).
• Add and edit photo galleries on any page you wish.
• Add and edit contact forms on any page you wish with ability to allow for multiple recipients. (contact forms shall contain tracking tools for exporting of form submission information via spreadsheets.)
• Ability to add link to content areas to link to existing pages of the site.
• Built in search engine optimization tools for individual page optimization.
• Ability to add video to web site (i.e. embedded video from You Tube).
• Ability to add/schedule blog posts
• Analytics tracking tools integration to view site statistics from your admin.
Website Security:
Two plugins for security: HTTPS set up on web site (must be purchased with host by client), Hidden usernames / Secure passwords on and Secure login area, File permissions set for protection against hackers, Bruteforce protection on, Admin login attempts blocked

Sub Total $2,500.00
Tax $0.00
Paid -$1,250.00
Total Due $1,250.00