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Invoice Date April 5, 2022
Due Date April 5, 2022
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The Veron Company

112 Forest Street
Marlborough MA 01752
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.25 Website Updates & Changes - 4/1/22

On the Home Page Banner:
Change Banner to Spring is Here! (From Spring is almost here!)
Change the form that is accessed through the home page banner “click to get your free quote!”
Add section for -TownAdd section for -I’m interested in

.5 Website Updates & Changes - 3/18

On the Home page banner, please remove the “Sign Up Today” just before SPECIAL OFFER.
On the Landing Page:
Replace SPECIAL OFFER: *50% off 1st treatment with the purchase of a full lawn care program
With: SPECIAL OFFER: *FREE 1st Fertilizer Treatment with the purchase of our Complete Fertilizer Program
Also, same change for the form on the right side of the page.
On the special offer banner on the Home page under Spring is Almost Here!
Change text to: Sign up Today for our Complete Fertilizer Program and your 1st Fertilizer Treatment is FREE! Offer Ends May 16th, 2022 CLICK TO GET YOUR FREE QUOTE!

.25 Website Updates & Changes - 3/16

On the Front-page Banner AND on the Landing Page, Please add our new special offer:
First Fertilizer Application FREE with the purchase of our 8-step Fertilizer Program
Also, please add the same offer text to the form on the right side of the page and change the bottom of that page to reflect the 8-step package.

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