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Invoice Date July 15, 2022
Due Date July 15, 2022
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The Veron Company

112 Forest Street
Marlborough MA 01752
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1 Invoice: 2987 Monthly Blogging July 2022

Monthly Blogging Services MICRO- 2 posts per month
To include the following:
• Writing of 2 blog posts per month with up to 400-500 words per article
• Revision of article content if needed
• Complete optimization of the article for SEO value
• Immediate publication or scheduling of article for publication
• Inclusion of 1 stock image per article with alt text for SEO value

1 Landing Page Creation

Creation of landing page for Irrigation (including new text/photos)
Creation of form for landing page
changing of home page banner text/link to new landing page

Sub Total $300.00
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Paid -$300.00
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