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Invoice Number INV-4055
Invoice Date March 8, 2023
Due Date April 30, 2023
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D.B.C Solutions

115 Labby Rd.

Invoice: 4055 Website Updates and Additional Work - March 2023

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.5 Addition of NiceJob Widgets to the website

Footer – added Recommend us and Leave a Review
These were just basic buttons from a plugin provided by “NiceJob” but I managed to stylize the buttons a bit and make them match the website
Also added these to the contact page

Added testimonials via the plugin provided by “NiceJob” to the testimonials
As well as a button for “leave us a review” there

Added the badge widget to the home page toward the top area

Shortened the home page banner to make things show above the fold

And added a the pop up widget to all pages for the “NiceJob” reviews.

1 General Page Modifications

Removal of page titles (as they are already in banners)
Removal of gold bar with request consultation button
So that content is above the fold on first view
Adjusting of page element Hights to move content up

Sub Total $150.00
Tax $0.00
Paid -$150.00
Total Due $0.00