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Invoice Number INV-4157
Invoice Date August 17, 2023
Due Date August 31, 2023
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JV Mechanical Contractors, INC

929 School Street
Webster, MA 01570
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1 Invoice: 4157 Website Development

The custom design and complete development an informational web site for JV Mechanical Contractors, INC.
(Specifications according to our bronze web development package) This web site shall feature a customized web site design, cross browser, and mobile compatibility, and shall be fully optimized for search engine visibility. This web site shall be developed with a content management tool for the ability to add, edit, and optimize pages, images and content and will include the ability to add and edit blog posts, contact forms, videos and photo galleries, this web site will also have added security measures to help prevent against hackers and spammers.

Complete re-development with new design - Maintaining all current content and pages
Maintaining imagery and links
With the addition of individual service pages of written content (not to exceed 19 new pages for both commercial and residential services, to increase SEO) within the scope of this pricing
Complete optimization of ALL pages
Website shall include blogging capabilities
Website shall include the development of a content management system for client to be able to edit website if desired

Sub Total $1,500.00
Tax $0.00
Paid -$1,500.00
Total Due $0.00