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Invoice Number INV-5087
Invoice Date May 1, 2024
Due Date May 31, 2024
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JV Mechanical Contractors, INC

929 School Street
Webster, MA 01570

Invoice: 5087 General Website Updates / Changes to Pages and Content

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1 Updates as per email 5/17/24

1 - On the home page I would like the Mitsubishi Electric drop down to be placed right after the “about” drop down.
2 - I would like the photo gallery with all the Mitsubishi equipment that is under sample projects, to be placed as the first item in the drop down for Mitsubishi Electric. I noticed if customers are coming to our page specifically for Mitsubishi it's a little difficult to find the pictures related to Mitsubishi the way it is now.
3 – Family owned - In the portion that states as the family business has grown – reword “our services have expanded from plumbing and heating to Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps, high efficiency boiler installations and radiant floor heating for both residential and commercial clients”

1 Updates as per email 5/13/24

add new employee to our website.
Jacob Reschke. He is a HVAC installer/technician

Couple other changes in the order of pictures of employees.

1- Nick Dill, please remove him as he no longer works for us.
2- Shawn Donnelly. Change to MA/CT journeyman plumber.
3- Mike Lepine - same change as Shawn
4- Dan Healy should be the last one listed.
5- swap the order of Dan and Noah
6- Nekelle - change title to sales / marketing
7 - Kyle - change to HVAC installer/ technician
8 Joey - remove apprentice plumber
9- place Jacob after Luke . HVAC technician/installer.

Modification/resizing of photos for website

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Paid -$150.00
Total Due $0.00