How to Backup Your Website

Step 1: Log into the admin

Step 2: Look for All-in-One Wp Migration, roll over that and click on export (hint: left column, about half way down)

Step 3: Then click export to and choose file

Step 4: This will run the back up of your website, when its done, the dialogue box will flash, when it does click on it and choose where to save the file

Remember that when you save the file there should only be one DOT . in the file name for instance ….

The program will automatically name the file something like
“” adding three un-needed dots in the file name

Please change it to something with only ONE DOT in the file name like “yourpagetoday.wpress” (this allows us to actually use the file if we need to later)

The program will automatically save a copy of this back up on your server, but make sure you also download it on your computer as well for safe keeping.

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