Website Support and Maintenance

Website Support and Maintenance2023-08-17T07:48:41-04:00

Not enough time in the day to run your business and manage your website as well?

We provide website support and maintenance, so you have more time to run your business!

A web site with consistent, fresh content sustains your audience; gains repeat visitors and drives up your sales. Creating a web site that’s just as vibrant as your business can be a challenge. It takes time, commitment and a degree of expertise to be able to consistently churn out the kind of content your customers crave, and with new and compelling content added often, your web will engage new visitors often.

Website Support and Maintenance

Website Maintenance Provides

A more secure website
Boost in rankings
More time in your day!

Sit back relax and we will keep your website running smoothly.

Website Core Maintenance

  • Updating of core files monthly

  • Updating of plugin files monthly

  • Updating of theme files monthly

  • Monthly website backups

We also offer…

  • Content updates
  • Adding of photos
  • Adding pages
  • Adding landing pages
  • Upload and link to documents and newsletters
  • Content writing
  • Search engine optimization work
  • Website security enhancements

With only so much time in the day. we help you better manage your online presence so that you can concentrate on what’s most important – running your business! We provide web site maintenance that helps you manage web content by adding, editing and deleting existing content on an ongoing basis.

What’s under the hood of the car is just as, if not more important than the body and the detailing. The same thing applies to your web site. Your web site needs to work as well as it looks. Your Page Today gives you the option of leaving the mechanics to us. Pay per the task or pay per month – we’ll work together to decide what works best for you.

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