Your Page Today LLC Referral Program for clients

Here’s How it Works:

For each successful referral you will earn FREE website maintenance that will include – 1 website backup and 1 instance of updating of your website core, theme and plugin files (a $200 value)

What types of business are good referrals?

  • Those companies who are looking for a new website, or an enhancement to their existing website
  • Those who are in need of increased search engine visibility
  • Those who are in need of weekly or monthly blog writing services

1. Newly established businesses – do you have a connection with a new business owner? Are they in need of a new web presence, new logo / brand identity? Yes we can help!

2. Business owners who are not seeing online results -Know a business owner who is fed up with trying to gain more online visibility with little to no results? Are they sick and tired of waiting around for their overseas developer to get in touch with them? Or did they hire their nephew or niece to create a web site that is simply not professional looking? Yes we can help!

3. Well established business ready for a change– Know a well established business that has been going strong for years that needs a new fresh look? Are they ready to get out into the blogging and social networking era? Yes we can help!

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