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“ If you’re reading this now, you might be thinking about using ” Your Page Today” for your web design. I am here to tell you; I have never worked with someone that has been so on the ball and creative as Jodi from Your Page. The results were way above expected, and my fans absolutely love it. This web site launched me into outer space with attention and traffic for my craft. If you want a web designer who will do more than expected and give you real boost, you’re on the right track. I hope you make the right choice and start your business or career off right. I did.”

Tony Garcia

Tony Garcia Rocks

“Jodi was incredibly responsive, quick, easy to work with and did great work. I just wished we’d reached out sooner based on how easy the process was!”


Winter Harbor Yacht Club

“ Jodi Erickson and her staff at are a group extremely talented and very knowledgeable design professionals. They are clearly eager to help you promote your business in the best ways possible. I use the term ‘design professionals’, as opposed to ‘web page designers’, because they definitely are so much more. Logo designs, typewritten marketing content, web page design layouts, search engine tools, and attractive images all choreographed to wow you and your target audience.

Very recently, I became painfully aware that my 20 year old web site was being visited by potential clients simply based on the domain name in my email address. My company is a virtual office providing AutoCAD based design and drawing services to a variety of clients where line images matters. My company image and on line content was not only outdated, it was no longer relevant. Nor was it functioning because technology had moved on and I had not. What kind of message am I sending to potential clients if I can’t take care of my own on line presence? The answer? That if I cannot spend the time keeping up with my own content and pay attention to my own details, I simply am not capable of paying any attention to theirs. That was clearly the wrong message to be sending to my potential clients.
Starting out 20 years ago, I had originally created my own web page and logo and I knew I was not up to the task a second time. Especially with how things have evolved over that time period. So I set out to rectify that by searching for locally owned and operated ‘web page designer’. What I found was so much more! For a reasonable fee, Jodi and her team quite literally transformed by company’s outward appearance.

They attacked the new challenge with a voracity that was stunning. Within a few days of our initial contact, they had presented me with nine new logo design concepts! A little over a week or so, I had my first web page demo! I was quite literally stunned speechless. Not an easy thing to do, I assure you. After the initial shock, I thought to myself “This guy is pretty awesome! I got to meet this guy!” I was of course referring to myself. I simply had no idea that I could be presented in such a light.

As we continued to develop the web site, I was really hard pressed to keep up with Jodi and her team. Not only did I need to go through my old content, but I had to provide her additional new content covering the last decade. And, oh yeah, review, question, and comment on all of her layouts, formatting, and written marketing content while keeping up with my regular workload! It was exhausting, but very exciting.
All in all, I cannot say enough good things about Jodi and her team. I was in dire need of not just an upgrade, but a complete makeover. She was able to use my own images and materials to create something I’ve never really seen before. Since the launch of the new web site, family, friends, and business associates are extremely impressed with what Jodi and her tam have accomplished.”

Keith Curran

Curran Consulting