Do you see this when you log into your CMS?

WordPress update is available! Please update now.

Don’t do it yourself …Often times if you have a custom design or developed site, preforming an upgrade/ or update to your cms can break things like your overall site layout! Without a proper back up attempting an upgrade can be devastating.

We can help

Let us perform your upgrade to the latest version of WordPress for you and will do the following:

  1. We will fist determine if your database will support the latest version of the WordPress CMS. (Sql 5)
  2. We will then make a complete back up of your site files and database for safe keeping. (just in case)
  3. We will then update your WordPress cms version, and adjust anything on the site that may have broken during your update.
  4. We will then make a new and complete back up of your upgraded site files and database.
  5. Whalla, newly upgraded WordPress cms for you to enjoy!