Website security is not perfect to say the least. In essence, it is indented to thwart hackers from accomplishing their goals. Did you know that a whopping 95% of breached records last year came from only three (3) industries? They are Government, retail, and the technology industry believe it or not. The reason behind this alarming statistic is not because the organizations that work within those industries are less careful about protecting their digital records. They just so happen to be incredibly popular targets due to the fact that they contain a high level of personal data contained within each record.

Here is another scary statistic regarding website security. There is a computer hack every 39 seconds that negatively affect one out of every three Americans each and every year and that number is only growing as hackers tap into even more advanced technology. Non-secure passwords and usernames are to blame because they provide hackers with a significantly higher opportunity to succeed. As if that is not bad enough, 43% of cyber related attacks are aimed at small businesses. In fact an incredible 64% of small businesses have been the unfortunate victim of hackers.

Do you know why? Cyber thieves consider small businesses to be lower lying fruit that is far easier to pick. In essence, small companies do not typically have the same financially based resources to build a stronger cyber security system. Every small business is only way major hack away from being crippled from a financial standpoint. Here’s why. Small companies with less than 500 employees spend over $7.5 million dollars per incident in total costs including loss of business, loss of production, and loss of income. Can your small business afford to take a $7.5 million plus hit?

Many small businesses end up going under all because a cyber criminal decided to pick on your company. It doesn’t seem fair because it’s not fair. However, that is how the world in which we now live in works. So what can you do about it? The smartest thing to do is invest in the best overall cyber security system that you can afford. The bottom line is that this is not an area where you should be thinking about how you can save money. It is an area where you should be thinking about how you can find the funds to make it work properly.

Otherwise you will be far more susceptible to a cyber attack. At least the cost of a cyber attack for small business is only $7.5 million plus, which is chump change compared to what major hack costs a publicly traded company on average. If you’re curios what that figure is it’s $116 million per incident.

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