A Great Logo Design Is a Key Part of Your Business

Company logos are everywhere. Just take a look around you. They are scattered all over the place, from the shirt that you’re wearing right now, to the coffee cup that you’re drinking from, to the screen that you’re reading this article on. The fact of the matter is that logos are driven into our minds on a constant and consistent basis. You could even go as far as saying that company branded logos are intertwined with our culture, which means they are a huge part of our lives that dictate how we live. In essence, logos have a large impact on our decision making process when it comes to buying particular products and services.

That means your logo not only needs to be eye catching, it also must convey your organization’s values in order to make an impact with your target audience. That is the true definition of a great logo design. Keep in mind that the main purpose of a logo is to identify your business. The bottom line is that your logo designer should both understand and identify with your marketplace. For example, who will see the logo and where will they see it? How can your logo look different from your competitors in order to make your company stand out from the crowd in a specific way? Your logo designer also needs to keep in mind that logos are not pieces of art.

They do not necessarily need to be too fancy. A great logo design should be used as a strategic marketing tool that will properly identify your business. That being stated, the logo must look good and be eye catching, however identification needs to come first. A great logo design can have, but doesn’t need to have a hidden meaning. Once again, the main focus of your business logo should be based on the identification of your business. Your logo will have meaning over time because it is associated with your particular business. For example, when some people see the Coca Cola logo they think of their favorite drink.

They may associate it with a good experience that revolves around drinking the product. Although the Coca Cola logo may have meaning to them it is only based on experiences. It takes an ongoing marketing effort and past experiences in order to build meaning when people see your logo. A great logo design helps people remember your brand.

Here’s a useful logo design tip: It is easier for people to quickly process colors and shapes than words, letters, and numbers. That is why a great deal of famous company logos are based on shapes and colors only. Apple and Nike come to mind in this regard.

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