The New Year’s Resolution You Can’t Afford NOT to Make

When the New Year rolls around, many people think of giving themselves a personal makeover. Everyone wants to go on a new diet or join a gym. But what about giving your business—and income—a makeover?

Why Every Business Needs a Website

The health of your business depends on getting the word out. Otherwise, potential customers won’t know you exist!

Getting the word out depends on your website. Your website is the single most essential tool to growing your business and increasing your sales.

What to Do When Your Website isn’t Working

For those of you who have a website that’s not achieving the desired results, you want to “do something” to make it better but don’t know where to start.

So instead of going to a fitness trainer or doctor, you need to find a web developer who can immediately diagnose what works and what doesn’t on your site.

Typically, websites that don’t help generate more income aren’t using the right strategy. At Your Page Today, we customize your site to fit your business goals. For instance, a law firm that’s looking for more clients should post a regular blog offering legal tips, along with a forum where an online community can discuss various topics. Businesses that do these things don’t have to advertise nearly as much in traditional ways, because they are already a perceived trusted friend and ally to potential clients. They’re already having a “conversation” with future customers—sometimes thousands at a time! You can’t buy traditional advertising that is as effective.

Have a product you’re struggling to sell? Online shopping is more popular than ever—and there are many ways to set up a pay-and-checkout feature on your website, depending on what type of product you’re offering. However, if you’re not technically inclined or would simply rather focus on your business, it’s best to let experts go to work for you and give you a website that makes money right out of the gate.

Like so many industries, web marketing is a constantly evolving thing. Wouldn’t it be great if, in the New Year, your business was on the cutting edge, able to reach twice as many customers as it now does?

How to Make Your Website a Success!

Did you know you can:

  • “Capture” viewers to your site and learn which pages they visited on your site most often?
  • Generate more income with certain download features?
  • Use your blog to raise your rank in search engines and reach the top page on Google?
  • Work with affiliate programs from similar businesses in your industry to add even more income?
  • Get an online database of potential customers to market to?

Remember, every minute you don’t have a website—or have one that’s not getting the job done—is another lost opportunity to increase your sales.

So this January, when you’re giving serious thought to the things you’d like to change, don’t leave your business in the cold. Show it some love, and the rewards will be worth it!

Talk with us today at Your Page Today! And keep checking our blog for helpful tips to maximize your success!

Happy New Year!!