We have all had the same experience when it comes to finding out specific needs on the internet. We go to Google, search for something vague, hope to get some good results and eventually end up on You Tube watching videos of surfing dogs!

When someone searches for your services, don’t let them end up on “that side” of You Tube …position your business where they can find you! You as a business owner need to find a better way to direct traffic to your website and we are here to tell you how!

Targeted keyword phrases are the answer. These are keyword phrases that are between 3 and 5 words that get to the specifics of what the page is all about. If you are selling a certain service or product, focus on optimizing each of your pages around a specific keyword phrase (instead of dentist try, pain free dental work) while focusing on a location as well. For instance, instead of using the keyword Dentist, try using Pain free dental work in Worcester. Using a specific key phrase and a location will let the consumer narrow down not only what but where they want to find this product or service.

When working with these more targeted or long tailed keywords you must find out what your customers are looking for. The more specific you can get about your product the more traffic you can funnel to your website. Do some research with your customers and find out how they generally search for an product or service? As a business you already know what your customers want, now you need to know how they search for it on the internet. Using solid long tailed keywords will also drive pre-qualified leads to your site. Your consumer will be sent to your page because they are specifically looking for it.

IN today’s world the majority os people that are seeking a specific product, service or solution will look online to find it. Consumers are not going out to the store and just look around nearly as much as they did say five years ago. We used to walk around and search for our items now we want the quick and easy find. When you setup your keywords think about what you as a consumer are looking for. If you keep this in mind it will substantially increase the traffic to your website.

Check out these Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions

  • The average consumer may not know which company they are looking for but they know exactly what they want. Remember to optimize your pages around your products and services more than your company name.
  • You know what your product or service is better than your average consumer. Take advantage of what you know. If needed to find your product or service what would you look for?
  • Another great way to funnel local business is to use a geographical location in your long tailed keyword. You can use your service area or any other location that is close to your product or service. This lets more people in your immediate area to find you.
  • Also remember that each of your pages should be optimized with a unique long tail keyword phrase and should focus on one product or service at a time, this helps boost rankings!

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