How Does It Work?

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Our process of the design and development of a web site is done in stages. There is the initial consultation and planning stage, the design stage, the development stage, testing stage and finally the publication stage. Within all of this there is the process of obtaining ownership of a domain name and set up of [...]

How much will all of this cost?

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Every web site is unique in terms of functionality, and what the clients development needs are. Your Page Today will customize your estimate based on what your specific needs are. Contact us today for a quote

Do you offer payment plans?

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YES! IF you have a large project but cant pay all at once, that’s ok, we can customize a contract outlining your weekly or monthly payments and you wont have to wait until your paid in full for your site to go live.

What about getting on search engines?

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Your Page Today offers search engine optimization for your web site. Your Page Today will optimize and submit your web site to more than 12 major search engines! Including GOOGLE™. Learn More

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