Use the Internet to increase your audience AND your sales

Whether you write books, play in a band, sell your art at craft shows, you can harness the power of the web to build your brand, increase your following and ultimately increase your revenue.

Who says you have to be a starving artist?

First, it’s worth the investment up-front to have a polished, professional website, which is an extension of your brand. Don’t rely on word-of-mouth and business cards only to get the job done. You have to take the next step. Web developers like Your Page Today are dedicated to every stage of your career, not only designing an effective website. Our blog is an endless resource of tips and tricks to gain you greater notoriety online.

Here are some more ideas for building an online following AND increasing your sales:

Do a blog. We’ve said this one a million times, but it’s true. If you’re a musician who performs regularly, your fans will love to get your insights about what it’s like to do a show, which venues are more challenging and why, etc. If you’re not a writer, you can supply the main ideas, and the bloggers at Your Page Today will help you craft postings that generate interest and engage your fans. Blogs also give visitors a reason to return to your site and see what’s new.

Do a newsletter. While you can post your upcoming schedule of events on your website, there may be last-minute special events or charity fundraisers that you participate in. When you have opt-in newsletter subscribing software on your site, you’ll gain a list of fans who are interested in receiving information from you. This is so valuable. We recommend offering a free CD or book as an incentive to get more subscribers. If you’d like to see the crowds get bigger at your next concert or book reading, let them know in your newsletter where you’ll be next. Of course we recommend working with a web developer like us, but if you prefer to try this one on your own, there are services such as Mail Chimp that can help you do your own newsletter.

Do a video. Pictures are worth a thousand clicks, and moving pictures are worth even more. If you’re an artist who has something to sell, showcase it in a creative video. Be sure to include any videos near the top of your web pages for optimum SEO positioning. If you’re a performer, it will give visitors a chance to see you in action, and from that video, they may decide to go out and see you.

Do a podcast. While video gets the highest click-through rates, audio can be another exciting feature on your site, especially if you’re a musician and you want listeners to sample your work. Or, if you’re an author, you can do a partial reading from your next book to entice readers. Podcasts are increasingly popular, and people can listen to them in their cars, on the go, wherever. If you create compelling content, this will certainly grab some more attention.

Do showcase yourself on social media. Depending on the type of art you do, choose a social media platform where you can show or demonstrate your work. Pinterest is very visual, so visual artists may find that one to be the best. If your personality is your brand, you can amass a large number of followers on Twitter based on what you say about current events, politics, social movements, etc. If you write books, you can include links back to your site or blog within your tweets.

Most importantly, your website has to be the central hub through which all of these things can flow freely. You have to be able to rely on a web developer with an eye not only for SEO and practical design, but who can capture your brand through content and complimentary visuals. You want to consult with an expert who listens to you, who “gets” you and can convey who you are on your website and make any changes you need. Your Page Today offers extensive experience launching the online marketing of professionals and businesses so that they can see the light at the end of the tunnel—success!

Talk to us today to find out what we can do for you.

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