The New Year is a great time to conduct enhancements and makeovers for your business. It’s a fresh start for the year ahead and a fresh start to make a lasting impression on your potential customers or clients. As the Calander year resets, it’s also a good time to make a lasting impression on your present and past customers or clients. A great way to accomplish that is with a brand-new website design. However, redesigning your business website certainly isn’t a task that you should take lightly. In fact, it needs the help of a professional in order to make it truly shine.

Although a new professionally designed website maybe a small investment it will be worth every penny because the upside is tremendous. In most cases, your business website is the first thing that most of your customers or clients see when they initially discover your business. This holds true even if you don’t sell products or services online. For example, you may own a small candy store that only sells products from your store. However, the majority of your customers are going to find your website online, visit your website, and then determine if they want to visit your store in person.

That means your website needs to make a great first impression. Your website needs to make as big of an in impression as your store does. If you haven’t done a complete website makeover in a few years, now is the time to do it. If your current website appears to be out of date or runs slowly, you may very well lose potential customers or clients to the competition. Going back to our example above, this holds true even if you sell the best candy in town. When you realize that you need a new website, it doesn’t always mean that you need to change every aspect of your current one.

There may very well be some graphic designs and branding elements that should stay the same. For example, it may make more sense to keep your current logo as opposed to updating it. A new business website may be based on modifications that will make to make it more functional. If your website looks great from a visual standpoint, but works slow on newer computers, tablets and smartphones, you may to have it updated so it will work better. Otherwise, your customers or clients will get frustrated with the speed and functionality of your website. You may have the best products and or services in the area. However, if your customers or clients have a negative user experience when visiting your website, they will abandon you for the competition.

If you need help designing a new website in order to promote your business, please contact us today. We look forward to helping with you. Your Page Today LLC specializes in custom website design, custom website development, search engine optimization, monthly or weekly blog writing services, content management solutions and ongoing maintenance and support such as website security and data backups. Our company began its journey as an owner operated web Development Company in 2001.

Back when websites were just that; web pages. With well over 18 years of hands-on experience in the world of website design and development, we have the expertise to not only get your website up and running, but get it visible to those ideal prospects who ARE your target audience.