Calls To Action and SEO

When turning marketing into sales you need to generate leads. Someone reading your page may have found the right information for their needs. They may have found the inspiration they were looking for. How does that help you? The right call to actions will turn a looker into a buyer. The Importance of a Call to Action You want to make the sale. In business, talk is cheap. You want to catch the client.

A good, primary call to action will define your page. Why are you here? What are you looking to accomplish? If the point of your page is to have followers then your call to actions will be something like:

  • Sign Up Today!
  • Get Started With Us Now!
  • Tell Us What You Think!
  • Download this Free Whitepaper

Characteristics of Effective Calls to Action The call to action or button text should stand out. Have a larger font, bolder text, incorporate color, you are trying to catch people s attention. This is your hook and it should stand out. If your main page has the purpose of getting folks to sign up for your service, you need to place that information high up on the page. People like to browse. People do not like to search. If you have a lot of interesting content you can have the call to actions repeated at the bottom of the page. Remember, talk is cheap, action is important. Inbound Professionals in Action