SEO Analytics Tools …measure your success

Measuring how well your web site is performing helps gage what is and what is not working. Utilizing these analytics tools can assist you in tweaking your monthly SEO campaign and can help you get the most out of it.

Converting leads to sales is the goal, but measuring how you are getting those leads is the key.

Google Web Master Tools: Want to know exactly what keywords Google is seeing when it crawls through your site? With Google web master tools you can! Want to know how often Google is crawling your site, or even see how many search queries are leading visitors to your site, now you can and more with Google web master tools.

Google Analytics: With Google Analytics you can measure sales and conversions, how visitors use your site, how they found you, and how you can keep them coming back with these and more analytics measurements:

  • Daily visits and the keywords that are working
  • What search engine they found you on
  • Types of traffic -Direct, organic, referral etc..
  • Which pages of your site are most popular

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool: This tool allows you to analyze, review a site from an SEO point of view, checking for issues such as duplicate pages, url, page title, meta description, heading issues and more!