What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the art of optimizing your web site to be visible and ultimately ranked on search engines by means of an organic method, or natural selection.

Meaning, we do all that html coding and geeky stuff to your site and submit it to search engines saying; “Hey Google, here is our web site, it has great content, great keywords …can you place us on your search engine?” Then search engines like Google will evaluate your web site and compare it to all of your competitors who are also trying to get rankings for the same keywords as you are, they then evaluate a list of things and rank your site accordingly.

Optimizing your website and wondering what Google is Looking for?:

  • Have a high Competition rate? ….Who has the most pages?
  • More importantly, who has the most pages with the most relevant keyword rich content?
  • They also look for things like proper Meta Title Tags, h1 and bold tags, inbound links and much much more. (check out that link over there to the right for more seo tips)

When Optimizing your website for search engine visibility its not only a process through which a strategy is developed in determining the best keywords to rank for but its also discovering through SEO market research who your ideal target audience is, what their persona is.

Not only should you be optimizing your website for search engines for Google, but you should also understand your ideal client persona and optimize your website for them as well.

In other words you have to think like your ideal target audience and think “what would they type into a search engine like Google to find the services that I offer?”

With search engine optimization ongoing and routine maintenance is key in not only boosting but maintaining your rankings over time.

Stop sitting around waiting for people to come to your site –take action!

Few understand how critical online visibility is in order for you to succeed in today’s increasingly digital business climate. Usage of the internet is exploding at an estimated rate of 100% in every country in the world and ballooning as much as 1,000% in others. With numbers like that, it’s hard to argue that doing the same old will cut it. Expanding your web presence can give you a profound competitive advantage.

You’ve invested countless hours and money into your website, but it’s still not getting noticed. Are you getting the leads and conversions you’d like to? If you’re not using SEO (Search Engine Optimization), chances are you’re getting lost amongst the clutter, while your competitors are standing apart from the pack. Why? Because your site needs to have the best keywords possible so that when your prospects search for firms in your industry, you come out on top of the heap on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.