Convert: Generate Qualified Leads

All your marketing efforts have a single purpose: generating qualified leads. A qualified lead is ready, willing and able to make the sale immediately. The combination of all three is important.

A qualified lead who is prepared for an on-the-spot purchase means higher conversion rates, and higher conversion rates mean better business. So how do you generate those leads?

Identifying Your Target

In order to develop the high-quality leads you need to keep your business moving, you’ll first need to identify your target market. Many marketing attempts fail in the long run because the focus is on generating lots of traffic, and not on generating a smaller amount of highly targeted traffic. Imagine a handful of magnets thrown at a fridge. Sure, some will stick. Carefully placing each magnet instead, however, will make sure that each one sticks. Although the initial volume is lower, the number of magnets that stay put is much higher. And, if there’s one thing you want, it’s sticky customers who will hang around and keep doing business with you.

Broadcasting Your Message

Some serious planning is needed to determine your target market. What, exactly, is your message? Who is in need of your products and services the most? Don’t worry about appealing to the greater population; this only dilutes your message to the point where your business becomes indistinguishable from other, similar companies. Focusing on your niche market is the key to successful inbound marketing.

Analyzing Results

Once you’ve determined your target audience, analyze its traffic results thoroughly. Don’t be afraid to be innovative and make changes to your site, product or services to meet the needs of your intended market. Aligning your company with the goals of your target market will only strengthen loyalty and increase sales. In order to achieve this, however, you’ll need to truly understand what your audience’s goals are.

Some strategies include:

  1. Asking for feedback in comments
  2. Providing a free survey to site visitors
  3. Asking for follow-up via email following a purchase

Theoretical market research can be beneficial, but don’t forget about the source at your fingertips: actual, existing customers. Real people can tell you much more than market projections.

Making it Work

As more specialized traffic heads in your direction, generating qualified leads becomes easier. Most leads are willing to buy, but not right now. By honing your efforts even more, you can ensure that those hits are from qualified leads instead. Attract specific customers: those who are online in order to make a purchase at that time. Make it easy for them to find you, and easier to purchase from you, and they’ll be happy to stick around.