SEO Maintenance Best Practices

Everyone not only wants their web site and its ideal search terms to be top ranking on search engines, like Google, but it can be disappointing when you work so hard for those rankings only to see them gradually fall. This happens far more often than you may think in the world of SEO.

Achieving and maintaining and even boosting your overall rankings takes ongoing maintenance and a firm routine really helps to keep it going.

Here are some great tips and time saving strategies to keep your web site on track and ranking high:

Blog at least once a week: Publish your blog at the same time on the same day of the week …every week.

Because this will allow your audience to expect when your next article is coming and it will help grow your following into a greater audience. Thus creating more opportunities for your audience to share your content, and to perform a call to action to convert into a lead and ultimately a sale! This also creates a routine for adding new content to your web site which search engines love …and yes this will maintain and even boost your overall rankings over time.

Tip: keep a pen and paper handy where ever you go to jot down those great blog title ideas! Remember its not just articles about whats going on in your company specifically but it’s industry specific information that your ideal target audience looks for that’s important!!

Add landing pages to your web site as often as you can: Just like blogging does, adding new content central focused on your service, your offerings and your industry not only boosts up those rankings but it also shows your audience that you are on top of what you do, and that you are an industry leader.

Tip: Without looking like salesman of the year, whenever you can link into relevant landing pages from your blog articles. For instance if your talking about a specific topic and your company offers a “solution” you can lead them into that page to learn more, to download a free offer …to take them to the next step into the sales process and convert them to a lead.

Never use duplicate content in any post or page: What’s duplicate content? Let’s just put it this way …don’t copy and paste content from another web site into yours. Search engines like Google look at duplicate content as a big no no and would even go to extreme measures to show you how much by banning your site from the rankings. It’s called “Black Hat SEO” it’s as bad a keyword stuffing. Always make sure that your blog posts and pages have uniquely written content.

Tip: Did you hire a content writer? Do you want to make sure the content is unique? I recommend that you check out to make sure.

Share …Share …Share: Get your content out there from other venues like social media, develop a following so that others will share your content as well.

Tip: Considering utilizing Hubspot for your web site and blog? Did you know that Hubspot’s blogging tools will automatically publish your blog articles to social media venues for you! Truly.

keep your web site top ranking …Give us a call today, to learn more about these and other great SEO maintenance practices.