Have a web site? …Want it visible? Want the Inside Track?

Have you invested countless hours and money into your web site, but it’s still not getting noticed? Still not getting the leads and conversions you’d like to?

Before we begin, it’s important to understand that gaining rankings on Search Engines like Google takes time, often times you will not get noticed by Search Engines and cashed in the moment you take your web site live. But once you do get noticed and cashed in, its also important to understand that Search Engine rankings are never just set it and forget it.

Here are the Top 10 things about SEO that you need to know! Lets Count Down to #1!

10. Add links, H1, and bold tags for important key phrases within your content. This helps make that content appear as keywords to search engines. More importantly and holding higher relevancy, make a keyword a link to another page or site of relevant content.

9. URL’s Your individual page names should contain keywords relevant to the content of that page, for example this page is called …https://yourpagetoday.com/services-search-engine-optimization-top-10

8. Your main navigation links are also considered keywords and should be considered the path way the search engines use to browse your site, make sure you have links to and from every page of your site!

7. Avoid duplicate content throughout your site (otherwise Google will give it half of the weight of importance and might even ban it from their search engine). The more unique content you have on each page the more important Google will think it is.

6. The content on your pages should contain the keywords that are relevant to that content, and should also contain the key word phrases that you think your target audience will use to find that information in a search.

5. With Blogging and Social Networking …link from other web sites back to your site with a link that has keywords and is within content that has relevant information about what info you are linking to.

4. Add new content and new pages to your site at least weekly.

3. Social networking weekly on sites like Face Book, Linked In, Twitter etc…

2. Blog …blog …blog …did we mention blog!?

1. In terms of what’s behind the scenes …the meta Title Tag is among the most important elements, should contain no more than 70 characters and should contain the keyword phrase that you think your target audience will type in to find that particular service, post, or page of information. (Every page of your site should have a unique title tag.)

In short … Content Is KING … the more (relevant) content you have on your site the higher you will rank. Relevant content is content that is relevant to the keywords you are attempting to gain rankings for.

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