Small Business Owners Working From Home Need a Website

Do you own a small business? Do you currently work from home? If you answered yes to these questions, it is incredibly important for you to have a great website that not only attacks customers/clients, but also produces leads that turn into deals. If you don’t have a website, or are currently using one that is old and outdated, there are a plethora of reasons why this needs to change, and change in a hurry, Did you know that a whopping 86% of consumers rely on the Internet in order to find a local business? That means you need a website no mater what industry you work in.

Here’s another important statistic for you. 29% of consumes search for local businesses at a minimum of once per every seven (7) days. Do you want to see another interesting stat? An incredible 72% of consumers say that searching online is their first choice when it comes to finding information on local businesses. The bottom line is that even if you only conduct business on a local level, you still need to invest in a great website. It is also a good idea to invest in local Search Engine Optimization or local SEO for short. The good news is that hiring a professional to build you a great website does not need to cost you an arm and a leg.

Although large corporations spend tens of thousands of dollars to create and update their websites, it certainly doesn’t mean that you need to in order to make an impact in your local market. We fully realize that the vast majority of small business owners who are working from home simply cannot afford to spend upwards of five thousand dollars or even ten thousand dollars on their website. That is why we offer custom packages that fit every budget. We also realize that you need a great website to establish your company’s credibility.

Your customers or clients expect you to have a website. That means if you don’t have a website, or have a website that is old and looks completely outdated, people may very well decide not to do business with you. In fact, six out of every ten consumers will not look into your business any further if you don’t have a website. More than half of consumers head directly to a company’s website before making their purchasing decisions. So even if you have the best meeting and make the best pitch of your life, chances are high that your potential customer or client is then going to check out your website.

Even if you own and operate a retail store, over 90% of consumers will visit your store after they visit your website. That means you not only need a website, you also need to provide your potential customers/clients with a positive online experience.

Your Page Today specializes in custom web site design, custom web site development, search engine optimization, monthly or weekly blog writing services, content management solutions and ongoing maintenance and support. Our company began its journey as an owner operated web development company in 2001. Back when websites were just that; web pages. With well over 18 years of hands on experience in the world of website design and development, we have the expertise to not only get your website up and running, but get it visible to those ideal prospects who ARE your target audience.

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