Website Backups are Important for Small Companies

If you own a small business and work from home, it’s incredibly important to hire a professional that specializes in website backups. There are many reasons why you should take part in this. For example, your website may break down after an update. Many people are unaware of the fact that plugins and themes may conflict with each other, with new browser updates and with the WordPress core. That means problems can easily occur that either disables part of your website or even the entire thing. The good news is that website backups can restore the prior version of the software in order to get you back up and running as if nothing bad had happened.

Here’s another example of why website backups are key. Let’s say you are working within the backend of your website and just so happen to accidentally delete an important file. Thanks to the website backups this issue can be fixed with ease. Maybe you tried something that broke your site. In fact, this is an incredibly common situation. You may have tried out a new marketing based idea that had you make a few changes to your core design. If it didn’t look right or work out for you, the website backups provide you with the ability to switch back to the prior version. Did you know that you can actually lose all of your hard work without website backups?

If and when your site happens to go down for any extended period of time, you may very well lose your work, your money, and your time. You have a ton of valuable stuff on your website such as written content, expensive graphics, and plugins that you invested in. You certainly do not want to lose any of that. Frequent website backups will prevent that from occurring. Just as important, if your website generates revenue, such as an online store, you are losing a significant amount of money every time it goes down. To add insult to injury, your customers and potential customers may never end up coming back.

This is due to the fact that they may feel as if your website is not secure, or at least secure enough for them to shop on it. In essence, that drives your customers and potential customers right into the arms of your competition. Even if one of your current customers shops on a competitors website, that customer can be lost for good. Guess what happens if a new lead/potential customer clicks on your link only to find that the website is down? Chances are high that they will never be back to shop on your website.

That means you have wasted money on the advertising and marketing that brought that potential customer to your website in the first place. The bottom line is a little investment in website backups can certainly go a long way in helping your small business.

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