There are a great deal of reasons why small business owners may need a website makeover. However, some are far more compelling than others. Giving your website a makeover is most likely the last thing you’re thinking about when it comes to your business, yet it may be one of the most import things that you can do. In essence, your website is a direct reflection of your company and yourself. That means if it looks old and outdated it makes your business look old and outdated.

Even if you have the best products or services at the best price points, people do not want to conduct business or purchase from companies that appear to be old and outdated. In addition, your website sets the tone for your marketing efforts. In order for marketing to be effective it needs to be in complete alignment with everything that your potential customer or clients experience. That of course includes your website. If you haven’t updated your website in a while you need to ask yourself the following question. Does your small business website embarrass you?

If you are nervous about giving out your website address than it is time for a website makeover. You need to stop considering a change and just make the change already. An ugly website can hurt your company because it gives off a bad vibe or perception about your business. Another reason to give your small business in Connecticut website a makeover is if it’s non responsive. In essence, a responsive based website design makes it adaptable to fit the screen sizes of mobile devices including tablets and smartphones.

You may not know this fact, but more people use their tablets and smartphones to search the Internet than they do computers. If your website doesn’t fit this format than your potential customers or clients will skip right over you and go on to your competitors. The bottom line is that if your small business website fails to be mobile friendly, you will lose a significant amount of visitors. In turn you will also lose a significant amount of business. The good news is that a helpful website makeover will not only address this issue, it will also considerably reduce the amount of website traffic that you’re losing.

If you are paying for Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short in any form, and you have an old and outdated website, you will not gain traffic that converts to leads, and leads that convert to sales. It’s time to stop wasting your money. A small business website makeover may also be a lot less expensive than you are thinking.

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