If you’re wondering why website backups are necessary please keep reading. What would happen to your business if your website went down for an extended period of time? If you sell products online you would lose a ton of sales. Can you survive loosing a ton of sales? If you utilize your website as a marketing tool and it goes down for an extended period of time what will your potential customers or clients think about your company? Chances are they will give up on you and move on to your competitors that actually have a functioning website. Once again, can you survive loosing a ton of potential customers or clients?

When you own or manage a small business and your website goes down it’s a dangerous situation to say the least. That dangerous situation can easily become a tragic situation if your website was hacked by a cyber thief and the data cannot be recovered. The good news is that a tragedy can be averted if you partake in website backups on a regular basis. In fact, website backups may be the only things that will get your website up and running sooner rather than later. So what exactly is a website backup? In essence, it is a form of insurance if your website happens to go down.

You hope to never need it, but it’s available if you do. Website backups work in the same manner as backing up your files. However, most small business owner and operators simply don’t think about doing it or even know that the service exists. That is a shame because website backups can certainly save the day if your website goes down by accident or intentionally. Accidents happen all the time. People are human and make mistakes. For example, you or one of your employees could easily delete a fundamental file by clicking on the wrong button.

That could lead to your website going down. In addition, your website can get hacked even if you have cyber security measures in place. Even the largest corporations with the most sophisticated cyber security systems get hacked all of the time. This is due to the fact that some of the best computer programmers on the planet are hackers. That means they are constantly developing better and better hacking technology. However, it is still incredibly important to implement and continuously update your cyber security system.

Otherwise your website will end up being low lying fruit that even the most basic hacker can break into. You also need to keep in mind that computers crash all of the time for mechanical reasons. That’s why you need a minimum of three (3) copies of your website backups. One copy should be off site and maintained by a vendor you can trust. One copy should be on the external drive of your local machine, and the final copy should be on the live website.

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