What Can a Website do for Your Small Business?

Did you know that approximately 30-40% of small businesses do not have a website to promote their products and or services online? Although that may seem impossible in the current Internet age, it is absolutely true. A great deal of small business owners believe that they either lack the time or knowledge to create a website on their own, or simply cannot afford to have a professional create one for them. That being stated, a professional website may cost a lot less than you think. However, the real question at hand should not be about how much the investment costs.

It is more about what can a website do for your small business? First and foremost, your potential customers, and even your current customers want you to have a website. That means if you don’t have a website, they may very well turn to your competitors. We live in a time where people go online in order to find information that pertains to just about everything that we are interested in. In fact, the vast majority of consumers conduct research online prior to making a purchasing decision even if that purchase is made in person. The bottom line is that if you do not have a website, your potential customers and customer base will think that your business is too old school.

You may have the best products and or services in the marketplace, however it is all about how people perceive your business. In some cases, they may even think that you are out of business. Is that the message you want to send when people look up your business on the Internet? In addition, a website provides you with the ability to fully control your branding and other pertinent information about your company. Although you may receive comments and even reviews about your business on other website, you certainly do not have control over the content that is being published.

That means you need a website in order to control your message and your story. In essence, your website helps you to form an online presence. Your new website will look exactly how you want it to, and will include both your company logo and branding message. It is a living and breathing extension of your business that can be easily updated as your company grows. For example, if you add additional products and or services to your current offerings, a professional website designer can easily add them to your website. The same holds true if you add employees to your team and would like to include them on the “About Us” or “Meet The Team” page.

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