Did you know that website development typically refers to the behind the scenes coding work that is needed to build a website? In essence, this could very well apply to anything from creating a simple single page landing page, to a complex website where consumers can purchase thousands of products, to developing a social media network. The bottom line is that when it comes to website development, the possibilities are endless. Although website development usually refers to web coding and infrastructure, it may also include a multitude of development related tasks such as server and network security configuration, and content management systems to name a few.

So why is website development so important? In essence it is the architecture that is used to build the website itself. A website is really just a bunch of files that are stored on servers, which are powerful computers that function as the storage device or file cabinet if you will. The servers are all connected to a gigantic network, which is know as the Internet. We access the Internet with browsers, which are basically computer programs that allow us to load the website through the Internet connection such as Google Chrome.

By the way, your computer, smartphone, or tablet is known as the client. The client is the device where you actually do the viewing. Although we may be getting a little deep here, we do think that it’s important for you to understand how this works and what goes on behind the scenes so to speak. Computer programmers utilize coding when taking part in website development. Coding is basically the writing instructions for both the servers and applications using a particular programming language. Computer languages are made up of vocabulary and grammar rules and are used to communicate with the computers.

The computer languages also incorporate the use of particular abbreviations, special commands, and punctuation that can only be read by programs and devices that utilize the same computer language. Do not worry if all of this sounds a bit confusing. As mentioned earlier, we are only trying to provide you with an overview of how website development actually works so you can have a better understanding of both the process and computers in general.

In a more practical sense, when you are ready for a new website or a complete overhaul of your existing website, than you will sit down with a website developer who will ask you a bunch of question. These questions will center around how you would like your website to look and function, and what you would like to say. Don’t worry, that is the fun part.

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