Success requires an open mind and the ability to evolve. If your business has been successful for many years but has started to plateau, you may be guilty of falling for these myths that can actually hold you back:

1) My business isn’t the kind that can benefit from a blog.

Let’s say you own a carpet cleaning business. You can’t imagine doing a bi-weekly blog about cleaning carpets that will be interesting. But wait! Before you start a blog, think about the kinds of things that may interest potential customers. If they’ve searched for “carpet cleaning methods” or “carpet cleaners in (your area),” they obviously care about taking care of their homes. This is a broad topic you can find plenty to blog about. Every homeowner appreciates tips on how to do things better to make their home the best it can be. So think broader when you think about blogging.

2) My company’s target market is older. They don’t go online as much, so it doesn’t matter if I’m on the web or not.

This is wrong! More Americans than ever before search online to get information. Last year, it was reported that 59% of seniors (65 and older) go online and 77% have a cell phone—and this has increased steadily each year. While older generations may have been more reluctant to embrace technology in the beginning, they’re finding it more helpful and useful with the aid of their children, friends and adult education programs that teach basic computer skills. So if you assume that older people are not online, you’re missing out on a large portion of your demographic.

3) SEO doesn’t change that much for me to make sure my site is updated.

Google constantly updates their search criteria as technology becomes more sophisticated. As of April 21st, they will make another change to their search algorithm to reflect the growing number of mobile phone users. That’s why your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content must stay up-to-date or risk losing your ranking on Google. In other words, you can’t afford NOT to stay current on the latest trends. If possible, work with someone who can do it for you. In today’s high-tech business world, it’s the only way to stay relevant.

4) My company sells the kind of product that is only purchased once every few years. Why should I care about relationship marketing?

Whatever your business, relationship marketing provides an extra component that continuously rewards you long after you’ve made a sale. For instance, if you send former customers occasional emails about new promotions or discounts, even if they don’t need that product at that time, they can pass on the information to friends and family—or other businesses (if you sell products mainly to businesses) because you’re keeping yourself on their radar, and they’ll remember they had a good experience with you. Email promotions or e-newsletters remind your target market that you’re around and active in your industry. And you never know, former customers just might be interested in one of your latest promotions.

5) Isn’t it enough just to have a website? I don’t need to be active on social media too!

Do you have any idea how many businesses that are similar to yours are competing for the same customers? Because the web has leveled the playing field, those companies that reach out to more people through social media are leaving you in the dust.

The most common social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Remember, use social media wisely. Pay attention to conversations about what people are looking for in your industry, or experiences they’ve had. When you want to post something, say something valuable—important advice, a fact they didn’t know. This continuously brands you as an expert and one they would trust to do business with. You can also run promotions through platforms like Twitter. Because all of this can be very time-consuming, it’s a good idea to have someone else do this work for you.

Nowadays, a website isn’t the only ingredient for success. It’s a main ingredient, to be sure, but your overall web presence is essential for branding you and reminding potential customers that you exist. Need help with your web presence? Contact us for more information.