If you’ve been wondering whether or not your business needs a new website design the chances are high that the answer is yes. Just the fact that you’ve been thinking about it is a tell tale sign that your current website is either old or outdated or both. Did you now that you website is your business’s best tool when it comes to advertising, marketing, and sales? First and foremost, it’s available to potential customers or potential clients 24/7. Second and just as important, your website is usually the first exposure that your potential customers/clients have with your business.

As the old saying goes, you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Furthermore, you need to make a good first impression. Otherwise, you will most likely lose that potential customer/client to your competition who does have an impressive and updated website design. Think of it from this prospective. Would you do business with a sleazy looking salesperson that was wearing an old and out of style suit? You probably would not, and your customers/clients feel the same way about you and your business.

That means an old and outdated website will absolutely hurt your brand image, and cost you sales. So what are some of the warning signs that it’s time for a new website design? First and foremost, if any of your products and or services have changed your website should reflect that. Just imagine shopping for a product or service that you need online. You spend your time searching for a solution to a problem, or for something that you need to make your life easier only to find out that the website no longer offers that product or service.

What would you think about the company at that point? You’d probably be annoyed to say the least. You most likely would never go back to that website for any products or services that they sell. Once again, the same holds true for your potential customers/clients. Another tell tale sign that you need a new website design is if your current website looks outdated. If your current website comes across as old and outdated it can easily ruin your credibility with potential customers/clients.

If that happens they will not buy your products and or services. You need to keep in mind that both the appearance and functionality of your website needs to keep up with the current website related trends. It’s just like fashion. Remember when we mentioned that sleazy looking salesperson with the old and out of style suit a bit earlier in the article?

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