Did you know that WordPress 5.8 is dropping support for Internet Explorer 11? The big question of the day is how will the affect your website moving forward. First and foremost, you may very well start having issues viewing or managing your website. Worse yet, those issues will not be fixed moving forward. The bottom line is that if you’re currently utilizing Internet Explorer 11 it’s now to get rid of it and switch to a more current browser. So, what is a browser exactly and how does it work? In essence, a web browser provides you with the ability to go anywhere on the Internet.

It allows you to actually see images, text, and video from any website around the globe. The web browser actually takes data from other areas of the web and displays that data on your desktop computer, laptop computer, or handheld device such as a tablet or smartphone. The bottom line is that the data or information is relocated using a process that is referred to as the Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTP for short. The HTP defines exactly how the images, text, and video are transmitted on the Internet.

In essence, the data must be both displayed and shared within a steady, dependable, and reliable format. If not people using various different browsers would not be able to see the data. The next question at hand is why do websites break when browser release new updates? The answer is a bit complicated, but in essence website content management systems, or CMS’s for short, are typically unaware of what the new browser updates will include and when they will actually happen.

So, when a browser releases a new update a website can break based on the fact that it cannot keep up with the updated browser. That is exactly why it is so crucially important that you keep your website’s content management system up to date with the latest content management system release. For example, if your website is on the WordPress platform, it’s incredibly important that your running the latest WordPress CMS version. That way your website will be able to keep up with the latest browser updates. Why is this important to you and your business?

The answer is simple. If your website is not updated with the latest WordPress CMS version some potential customers or clients will not be able to access your website, which means they will not be able to access your business. You certainly do not want to lose business because your website appears to be broken. The good news is the solution is simple and we are here to help.

Your Page Today LLC specializes in custom web site design, custom web site development, search engine optimization, monthly or weekly blog writing services, content management solutions and ongoing maintenance and support. Our company began its journey as an owner operated web Development Company in 2001. Back when websites were just that; web pages. With well over 18 years of hands on experience in the world of website design and development, we have the expertise to not only get your website up and running, but get it visible to those ideal prospects who ARE your target audience.

If you need help updating your organization’s website in order to keep up with the most recent web browser updates, please contact us today. We look forward to working with you.