The Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

Although a great deal of small business owners are under the impression that website design and website development are the same thing, there are actually a few differences. In fact the terms refer to two (2) separate aspects of the website construction process. They also require different skills sets. While the top-notch website companies utilize both skill sets, others simply do not. That is exactly why it is so imperative that you know the difference before you invest your hard earned money into a new business website or even a personal website.

First and foremost, website design actually refers to the utility of the website and also to the aesthetic aspect. In essence, website designers typically utilize a variety of design related software in order to create the look and feel of the website. The bottom line is that website designers create the layout of the website, meaning how it appears to people who are visiting it. Website developers than take the website design and turn those plans into a website that actually functions. In essence, website designers are computer programmers who utilize various programming languages in order to bring life to the design aspects.

Website designers actually start the website building process by listening to the client’s main objectives, and making suggestions. The website designer will then create what is called an Information Architecture in order to set up the website’s information hierarchy. In essence, the entire design process is based on this. The website designer will begin to create the wire frames, and when that is complete, he or she will start on the actual design stage. There are actually multiple design theories that website designers will utilize in order to design a website that not only contains a layout that is not only pleasing to the human eye, but also provides a silky smooth user feel.

The next step is for the website developer to take the website design and build it into a website that functions properly. In essence, the completed website design is like a picture that cannot be interacted with, and that is exactly where the website developer comes into play. For example, the website developer will break up the website design into multiple moving parts. They accomplish this by literally programming the website to function on a specific Internet based platform.

In conclusion, most small to mid sized organizations that are looking to have a new website built, or have an existing website updated simply intertwine the terms website design and website development. We hope that this blog article clarifies the differences for you a bit. If you need help with website design and or website development, please contact us today.

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