Website Security In The Work From Home World

If you own a small to mid-size business than chances are high you are working from home due to the Covid pandemic. If you have employees who work in your office, they are probably working from home as well. Do you know what that means in regards to your website security? The bottom line is that it means you business website is far more vulnerable to being attacked by people that would like nothing more than to cause you a great deal of harm. As if it’s not difficult enough to protect your hardware and software at the office, it is even harder when you and your employees are constantly accessing your systems on a remote basis.

This is due to the fact that home based Internet access is not nearly as safe and secure as the commercial system you have in your office. In essence, it is even easier for cyber thieves to break into your computer system when people are accessing it from remote locations that are not as secure, such as their homes. That means you need to take additional website security based measures in order to protect your business from computer hackers. This holds especially true if you and your employees are working on your own personal desktop computers or personal laptop computers.

This is due to the fact that personal computers may not have the proper security measures installed. You are much better off, website security wise, if you issue your employees laptop computers that have the proper cyber security software already installed. If you simply cannot afford to do this, or the logistics are just too difficult to overcome, it is always a smart idea to make sure that your home computers and the home computers of your remote employees all have the same security systems in place. Don’t worry; we can help you with this task.

If you own a business and have always worked from home, you may not have paid enough attention to website security. Now is a good time to fix that. This holds true whether you are a one-person show, or have multiple employees or independent parties that have direct access to your computer system. For example, you may not have any employees on your payroll, but utilize independent consultants or contractors instead. The bottom line is that when anyone accesses your system from remote locations, your website security is compromised to the point that cyber thieves can hack you.

Just think of the damages that being hacked can have to both your business and your reputation. The good news is that we can help you by ensuring that the correct measures are being taken to protect your business.

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