Google is there for you whenever you have a question or even a need. In fact, most people around the world count on this incredibly popular search engine when they are trying to look for just about anything that you can imagine. That means that if you want consumers to find your website, it needs to actually show up on Google. That being stated, it is a lot easier said than done. The good news is that one of the best and most cost effective things that you can do to vastly improve your chances of ranking higher in the search engine is to start a blog.

However, having a blog is not in and of itself a ranking factor. Blogging is great for Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, because it helps with a variety of items that factor into the ranking analytics. For example, website that contain blogs and are updated on a regular basis with high quality articles that are written about topics relevant to your target audience rank higher. The following information provides you with the top three reasons why a website blog helps search engine optimization.

Blog Articles Keep Your Website Fresh And Current

Have you ever been on a website and realized that the blog section has not been updated in months or even years? The majority of consumers immediately lose trust in the company at this point. When a blog is neglected it makes people wonder what else the business neglects. Worse yet, it could appear as if the organization has gone out of business, or the website may very well be providing information that is no longer accurate. Google absolutely does not want to deliver searchers information that appears outdated. They would lose credibility.

Websites that deliver fresh content on a regular basis signals to Google that you are worthy of ranking higher in their index. In addition, it also presents the search engine algorithms with even more reasons to index your website more often, which in turn keeps it on the radar over longer periods of time. Most companies do not want to update their homepage on a frequent basis because it is not typically a good business move. However, updating your blog with frequent articles is the perfect tool for adding new content on a regular basis.

Blog Articles Keep People On Your Website Longer

Do you know what Google’s number one priority is? It is to provide searchers with the precise information that they are looking for so that they will keep coming back to Google. If a person clicks on the first link on the first page and finds the information unhelpful, they will immediately leave the website and go back to the search page. That informs Google that the first result was not nearly as helpful as they believed. However, when someone clicks on a result, and stays on that website for a while it shows Google that this particular website is helpful.

As you know, websites that are deemed helpful rank high, and stay highly ranked on Google. The bottom line here is that when potential customers visits your website, and spends time reading quality and informative blog articles, it goes a long way in helping you rank higher on Google.

Blog Articles Help You Connect With Your Target Audience

When you target audience reads a blog article that they enjoy, it greatly increases the chances that they will share the article with their friends, family, and co-workers on social media. This of course will drive more traffic directly to your website. It will also cause more people to come back to your website on a regular basis in order to read new articles. These potential customers may even sign up for your email list. When your website receives a significant amount of traffic and repeat visitors, it shows Google that consumers enjoy your website and find the information helpful.

It raises your authority level in their algorithm and ranks your website higher. That is tremendous from a Search Engine Optimization standpoint, however it is also extremely important to the overall success of your website. In essence, it means that customers and potential customers are visiting your website, connecting with it, and are following it. This of course directly leads to sales.

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