Thinking of starting up a blog?

Here’s the 411 on how to get your blog on!

Blog writing is a fundamental key in gaining higher visibility and rankings among the world wide web. Not only does blog writing generate a following among readers, it also positions your company as an industry leader, the go-to place for information pertaining to your industry. Gone are the days where “keywords” are the most important factor in gaining search engine visibility, now its all about content, relevant content.

If you are thinking of starting up a blog; To become an industry leader you first have to understand that your blog posts should not just be about what your company is up to, or your latest job, it should be about industry specific information that your ideal target audience will search for information about, and ultimately you want that search to lead to you! Blog posts should not be all about generating a sale, leave the sales pitch out until the very end, and simply provide valuable information that your ideal client will want to read.

Each of your blog posts should focus on one keyword phrase, so if your company focuses on many areas, keep each post’s focus on one area at a time. Your blog post title should include that focus key phrase and remember, by including the locations you service, you will gain higher rankings in the search results!

Let’s dive into the 411 on how to get your blog on! Here are three of the top most popular ways to start blogging and get your name out there.

  1. This option is a WordPress hosted blog, where your blog would reside on a sub-domain of, for instance; With this option you will have access to choose a WordPress theme, and add your pages, images and content and begin posting blogs.
  2. WordPress Self Hosted Website: This option would allow you to have a custom domain name like for instance, where you would be able to have your own custom design, weather its based on a WordPress theme or built up from scratch. You will be able to add and edit pages and blog posts. With this option you will not only have a custom domain name but you will also have more control over the site to be able to do many more customized things.
  3. Blogger: Similar to a WordPress hosted blog, Blogger blogs are hosted with Google! Your blog name would end up being something like , and just like WordPress you can choose and modify a theme for your blog.

The pro’s and cons:

The good news is that WordPress Content Management, for a self hosted blog is free, however with this option you will need a paid hosting package, which is typically only about $10 a month, plus the cost of a domain name, which is only about $15 a year.

The bad news is that unless your pretty tech savvy, you will need a programmer to get your site up and running with WordPress installed for you. Once its installed it’s easy to use and manage your website and blog all in one place. WordPress has many free and premium themes that you can use and customize and with a programmer and a designer you can also have your own custom design as well. WordPress self hosted sites are highly customizable!

With a WordPress or Blogger hosted blog, there are restrictions on customization and you will not have a custom domain name, or access to core files to modify a lot of things. But for a non tech savvy person with a smaller budget its definitely a great place to start out.

So weather you are just starting out or have been in business for years, blog writing is key in gaining visibility, attracting (your ideal) leads and generating sales! What are you waiting for …get blogging! Don’t have time for blog writing, we understand and we are here to help! Check out our blog writing packages here.

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