Did you know that your website maintenance should start with routine backups? A back up of your website contains all of the necessary files needed to restore the website back to a time when it was functioning properly (the exact time the back up was made). It also goes a long way if an employee accidentally deleted something important, your website is hacked, or a theme or plugin update or download harms or breaks your website. However, many small business owners still ask if website backups are necessary? The answer is a resounding yes. Website backups are completely necessary. The bottom line is that they make it possible to restore your website if anything bad happens.

In addition, frequent backups are one of the most basic ways to ensure that your website remains safe and sound. The most important advantage of consistent website backups is that at any time you can restore your website if it goes down for any reason. However, that’s not the only benefit. Let’s take a look at some of the other basic reasons why it’s important to partake in website backups on a regular basis. First and foremost, you can access your files wherever you’re located. This just requires a few seconds of your time and an Internet connection if you have an ongoing maintenance plan on your computer system.

You also don’t need to worry about data loss. Even if a natural disaster happens to strike, all of your files will remain secure in a cloud based storage folder. In essence, website backups are another layer of website protection. In the event of a cyber attack, or virus from infected content, you will not lose control of your website. A maintenance plan that includes constant website backups provides you with a high level of reliability. In essence, you can recover any files at any time. You’ll also save a significant amount of money. For example, you save money on equipment.

If your website is hacked and you don’t have a backup solution in place, it may be incredibly difficult if not next to impossible to restore it completely. If that happens you will lose a lot of money. Website backups also protect your business reputation because they help protect the integrity of sensitive customer or client based data. Last but certainly not least, cloud storage can be used with local storage, which provides a higher level of security.

Your Page Today, LLC can take care of all of your website maintenance for you including website backups. A monthly maintenance plan goes a long way in keeping your website safe and sound.

Please contact us today for more information. We look forward to helping you. Your Page Today LLC specializes in custom website design, custom website development, search engine optimization, monthly or weekly blog writing services, content management solutions and ongoing maintenance and support such as website security and data backups. Our company began its journey as an owner operated web Development Company in 2001.

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