Do you need a new website design? If you own or manage small business than your website is typically the first point of contact that potential customers or clients have with your organization. That means it needs to impress visitors right away. Otherwise people will be quick to move to your competitor’s websites. In addition to being the first point of contact with your potential customers or clients, your website is also a direct reflection of your company’s brand and image.

If your website appears to be old and outdated, or it works too slowly, your potential customers or clients will be under the impression that your business is old, outdated, and slow. The bottom line is that your website is one of the most powerful marketing and sales tools that you have in your toolbox. If it’s not up to date than you should be beyond worried because it’s costing you much-needed sales. Here are some reasons why you may need a new website design. First and foremost, if your website looks and feels outdated it will turn away potential customers or clients.

Is your website nice to look at? If it’s not, nobody is going to want to look at it. In essence, your website needs to be pleasing to the eye. It needs to actually engage people. You need to keep in mind that styles change overtime. If your website is over five (5) years old, chances are that it is now considered to be out of style and out of date. Another reason why you may need a new website design is if your current website utilized pre-deigned features such as a pre-designed theme or template.

That may have worked when your company was first getting off the ground, but in this day and age it just doesn’t work. Keep in mind that your business isn’t the only one that used that same template. There may be hundred or even thousands of other websites out there that look exactly like yours. How are you supposed to stand out from the crowd if your website was built around a pre-designed template? The bottom line is that your website needs a customized website design that is personalized to your potential and current customer base.

Last but certainly not least, if your current website is not easy to navigate, you need a new website design. In essence, your visitors need to find what they need in only a few clicks or taps on the screen. Your menu should be straightforward and simple. If your website is confusing potential customers and clients will abandon it as fast as you can say, “lost another one.”

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