Draw traffic to your web site

There isn’t a single SEO site that won’t tell you content is king. The old days of outbound marketing used huge billboards and flashy ad campaigns; inbound marketing instead uses content. Regardless of what other SEO tactics you may be using, if you don’t have quality content, you may as well not have a site.

Old-school SEO

Back when the Internet was just getting going, the goal was getting seen at all. Search engines were developed to help users find the sites they needed, and sites began elbowing each other out of the way to rank higher in the search engine results. As recently as a few years ago, cramming your pages and meta-tags full of keywords could propel you to the top. However, with the recent changes to the Google algorithms, gaming the system just doesn’t work anymore.

Enter Content

These days, content is king. You’ll hear that everywhere, but what does it mean? Essentially, the focus of search engines has grown to encompass not just a site’s subject matter (as indicated by its keywords) but also the user experience. This is determined not just by how many hits you see each day, but how long visitors stay, how many other pages they click, and whether they’re sharing your content with others via social media.

Increase Your Relevance

Sites that are more relevant to user-end search terms are the ones now gaining the coveted top search result spots. How do you ensure that your site is one of them? There are several elements that contribute to this:

  • Multiple pages: The more pages your site offers, the more room your guests have to roam about freely. Plus, the larger your site’s footprint, the more space you have to offer the good stuff.
  • Blogging: Sites with maintained blogs are viewed more favorably among the public. Any site can list its inventory and hours, but a blog really lets your business personality shine. Over time, your voice can become a recognized authority within your field, which definitely lends relevance in the eyes of search engines.
  • Multimedia offerings: Witty text is great, but it’s no longer enough. Today’s Internet surfers want to be entertained by more than reading. Offering videos, photos, even free buttons or widgets for downloading can all engage your visitors enough to bump up your rankings.

The Future of SEO

The focus is no longer on increasing your traffic; the focus needs to shift instead to ensuring all your traffic wants to be there. Focusing on “content is king” will ensure not only that your site continues delighting visitors, but that your ranking rises high enough for them to find.