Press Release Content Writing

When you release a new product or service, or there is some major change or evolution taking place in your company, it’s important to ensure that the worlds press know about it. This is where the press release comes in, a specifically tailored document that will entice both the press, and your customers, with well worded copy about your new product, service, special offers, or whatever else it happens to be.

The perfect press release

The perfect press release will make sure that both the press find the release interesting enough to put it into circulation, and the customers and potential clients who read it are compelled to act upon your message. To do this you have to:

  • Grab attention – your headline needs to be attention grabbing so that the journalist doesn’t have to come up with their own one.
  • Know who you are speaking to – set the tone according to your target market. i.e. professional tone for B2B, clear and concise for casual shopper etc.
  • Structure things right – If you don’t lay your press release out properly, it won’t be taken up by news sites, so make sure you know exactly what the layout should be.
  • Keep your focus – any press release should have a specific subject, and stick to it throughout, so don’t veer off towards other topics.
  • Provide a photo – provide photo(s) for news sources and journalists to use: they don’t like having to source appropriate photos themselves.

If you put all of these elements in place, you’ll be well on your way towards creating an ideal press release that will be both taken up by journalists and news sites, and interesting to your target audience.
Alternatively, you can let us do all of the word for you, to guarantee that you get things done right!