My Website was Hacked Into …How do I Fix It?

Hacker Cleaning instructions



Then click on sign up from the top of the screen.

Click on the lowest paying one the one for 1 web site and register for that, trust me its more than worth it, because what this does they will monitor your web site, they make backups of everything and they will clean it if it does get infected.

Then after you subscribe log in at and on the left column choose malware removal request. For this part you will need your FTP log in information, i.e. user name and password.

Then choose submit request.

You will need to change your passwords to ensure security on your web site, we recommend changing the following passwords to secure ones:

  • Host log in
  • Admin password
  • FTP password
  • Database password

If any user names for anything are admin, CHANGE THEM NOW!

Step 2: Protecting your computers. there is a free version, but the premium one is recommended. THEN MAKRE SURE TO DOWNLOAD THIS TO ANY SITE THAT ACCESSES YOUR WEBSITE ADMIN!!