Web Site Security Tools

Don’t wait until its too late …Prevention is Key:

If you are actively editing your web site please be certain to ALWAYS do the following

  1. Download and run “malwarebytes” anti-malware software.
  2. Always be sure to log out of the admin when you are done editing.
  3. Change your log in password at least once a month, I recommend using www.random.org/passwords just be certain that you write down your password and/or be certain that you have a good email address in use for your admin log in in case your forget it.

Sucuri Security
Monitoring and Malware Clean up service …back up, monitor and restore your web site with Sucuri.

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malware-bytesHave a content management system?
Editing your web site means that you need to protect your web site from vulnerabilities of malware attacks. Download Malware Bytes here: www.malwarebytes.org and keep this running in the background at all times, especially when your in your CMS working on your web site.

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