Landing Page Content Writing Services

For many businesses and online marketers, the landing page is the most important webpage they will ever create. Why? Simply because its sole purpose is to compel the visitor to take action. Without the right content, this simply won’t happen.

The Purpose of the Landing Page

There is no single definition of what makes up the perfect landing page. However, there is a single definition of what its purpose is: to achieve an action. In most cases, this action will refer to an email sign-up, allowing the business or marketer to speak, sell, and market their products to their new subscriber again and again.

On average it takes up to 19 times for someone to be exposed to a product, service, or business before they are ready to buy. This is why the sign up is so important – to allow the business to promote to their subscriber regularly, building that relationship, positioning themselves as the go-to authority in the market and, eventually, turning that subscriber into a customer.

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Landing Page Content

Any landing page needs to have a very specific focus, and speak to a very specific person. In most cases, the page will be basic – a simple headline, subheadline, and a few words of content, often in the form of a bulleted list. These words will describe what the visitor will get if they sign up and enter their details into the email form on the page. This will be a free gift, such as a special report, a coupon, a video series, or anything else that appeals to the target market.

However, while the free gift is the draw, it is the words that will conspire to persuade the visitor into giving over their email. These words are gold, and you won’t have long to convince them.

It starts with a compelling headline, one that sums up the major benefit the visitor will achieve if they take advantage of the offer. The subheadline – an optional extra – reinforces this. Then comes a couple of paragraphs of content, or a bullet list that conveys exactly what the subscriber can expect to receive and achieve when they sign up.

As you can see, you don’t have long to convince them, and if you don’t use your words wisely, you’ll fail in your task. Speaking to your ideal customer involves finding the right voice, and we can help you achieve this.

Why is good content so important for my web site?

Properly written web site content will convert your site’s readers into buyers and get them to do what you need them to do, with compelling calls to action.

The truth is …strong content generates more sales, sign ups and directs traffic in the exact direction you need it to go.

The single most powerful feature of any web site is its written content. When your website visitors arrive at your page they’ll almost always be looking for the same three things:

  1. A solution to their problem
  2. That you’re the company who can solve it
  3. What you want them to do next

The job of a professional web copywriter is to craft content that is well written, easy to scan and compels your prospect to take action. Whether it’s one landing page or 50 pages of product descriptions, we can help you find your voice.

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