How to Increase your Lead to Sale Conversion

When growing your business one of the walls that you will run up against is conversion. You need to increase the percentage of leads that become clients. This can be done is several ways. One way to increase your lead to sale conversion is by being proactive and answering top client questions before they are asked. One of the ways that you can do this is through your content.

Turn to your sales representatives and customer service department and learn what questions the client is asking. What questions make the sales team hesitate?

Possible roadblocks that your company may need to address are:

  • Price of the product or service.
  • Necessity of the product or service.
  • Sustainability of the product or service.

In these three instances there are ways to answer these needs before your client asks them. When you have built the content with the answer in it chances are your prospective client will read up about you and their concern will be answered. If they have not read up about you your sales staff will have stories on hand to offer the client to help them understand.

Price of the Product or Service: You want to show the value of what you have to offer. Consider one of the things that sets Target apart from Walmart is the way they show value. Walmart urges you to save money and live better. Target wants you to expect more and pay less. Target has begun to partner with bigger designers and now offers low cost versions of high end items. At both stores you will save money, however through branding they are perceived differently.

What is the value of your product? For example let’s say you are a glass retailer. You will want to show your clients why you have the best product. Do you offer smart glass? Create content about how smart glass is not just for windows but for doors and walls that convert from clear to opaque. The value of choosing you is that they will have glass that goes above and beyond. Balance price through explaining value.

Necessity of the Product or Service: One of the best sales techniques is to get a client to understand why they need you. For years people have gone to a stationary store for wedding invitations. If you are a wedding web-designer and you create wedding e-vites you will have to show the bride and her family why she needs you. You can explain that an electronic wedding invitation is not only green (value) but it is something that no one will lose. People misplace invitations and then arrive late at the event. Your service of wedding e-vites will create an invitation that is in someone’s inbox on their phone which they always have with them.

Through SEO content you can show people the need for your product. Blog about different ways what you have to offer simplifies people’s lives. When people read this information they will already see why they need you. Your lead will then be converted into a sale by negotiating the details of delivering the service or product and a selling step will be bypassed. There will be no high pressure selling, your content spoke for you.

Sustainability of the Product or Service: Especially when converting a lead on a high price point sale you will need to speak to the lasting impact of what you offer. If you are an interior designer you are not only creating a room for a family for this year, you are creating a place for memories to be made as well as a place that will stand up to the test of time and look as beautiful today as ten years from now. When the family is ready to sell the home the value you have added will show up as an increase in the price of the home.

You want to convert the lead into a sale today, and you want them to trust you and stay with you. Through your content you can show your impact on people’s lives. How are you changing the way people live? Outdoor rooms were once screened in porches attached to your home, now they are fully functional rooms that impact the home’s value and the quality of life of the client. Outdoor rooms are on of the new things to talk about in the design world. Create a buzz about your product and how it integrates into people’s lives, not for today but for years.

Increasing your lead to sale conversion is about capturing the customer. When you speak with them you need to be ready with all the right answers. Take what clients have been asking previously and put it into content for prospective clients. Build sales proactively.