Keyword Research Tips For SEO

Anyone can come up with a hundred keywords and stuff them into a web site and hope for the best.

Trust me when I say that will get you nowhere fast. Keywords play a vital role in search engine optimization if they are used the right way through your inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

Here are some of the strategies we use when performing our keyword research:

  • We make sure that your page content includes keywords that are targeted to your ideal audience.
  • We utilize long tail keywords for those web pages with content that have a high competition rate. Long tail keywords is a keyword phrase that have unique keywords custom tailored to your audience.
  •  Your content in your pages should contain keywords and be linked to other pages with relevant content.
  • We also filter out the negative keywords as well, after all there are always keywords that you don’t want to be found for.
  • Inbound link building should also contain long tail keywords that link back to the appropriate page on your web site.
  • We analyze your competition.
  • We rate the difficulty of each keyword you would like to be found for and optimize your favorite keywords based on those ratings.
  • We crate individual landing pages revolving around each of your keyword categories.